KSCST Selected Project(s) List

Sl.no Year Project Title Students Name Guide Amount
1 2022-23 Automated Fertilizer Dispenser With Ploughing, Seed Sowing And Spraying Equpiment Mr. Mohammadshoaib Mulla, Ms. Pavitra Gudimani, Mr. Davalsab Attar, Mr. Shubham Singh Prof. P.S. Paraddi ₹ 7000
2 2022-23 Fabrication Of Smokeless Stove Mr. Ananda Koppad, Mr. Nagesh P Lamani, Mr. Vijaykumar Katral, Mr. Muttappa Manoji Dr. H. V. Mulimani, and Prof. M. L. Hunasikatti ₹ 4,000
3 2022-23 Multi Grain Sieve Machine Mr. Devendra Asangi, Mr. Ramesh Gaji, Mr. Parasappa Chabbi, Mr. Rahul I Bhajantri Dr. H. V. Mulimani ₹ 7,000
4 2021-22 Design and Fabrication of Pequetie and Preparation of Freiquette Using Sugarcane Waste Mr. Chetan & his team Prof. R .V. Sugandhi ₹ 10,000
5 2021-22 Fabrication of cost effective agriculture weeder Mr. Shivappa & his team Prof. M. L. Hunasikatti ₹ 12,000
6 2020-21 Fabrication of automatic sugarcane eye bud cutter, coconut cutter & Coconut water Extracting Machine Mr. Prajwal Uttur & his team Prof. P. S. Paraddi ₹ 7,000
7 2020-21 Onion Grading Machine Mr. Shrinidhi Kulkarni & his team Prof. M.D Komar, and Prof. R. V. Sugandhi ₹ 7,000
8 2020-21 Fabrication of Paper Bag Making Machine Mr. Chetankumar Sangam & his team Dr. H. V. Mulimani ₹ 8,000
9 2020-21 Design & Fabrication of Manullay Operating Versatile Agricultural Equipment Mr. Ramangoud Biradar Patil & his team Prof. M. L. Hunasikatti ₹ 7,000
10 2019-20 Fabrication of harvesting machine Mr. Chandrakant Kullurand his team Prof. Prof. M. D. Komar ₹ 4,000
11 2019-20 Fabrication of solar operated weeder and grass cutter machine Ms. Pooja Sajjanar and his team Dr. S. B. Kerur ₹ 4,500
12 2019-20 Design and fabrication of shredder machine and furnace for plastic recycling and its utilization Mr. Siddappa Kumkale and his team Dr. H. V. Mulimani ₹ 9,000
13 2017-18 Multi Opertaional Agriculture Equipment Mr. Mahantesh Angadi and his team Prof. P. S. Paraddi ₹ 8,500
14 2016-17 Conversion of waste bagasse to bio-oil by pyrolysis and utilization of its products Mr. Shrinath Khot & his team Dr. H. V. Mulimani ₹ 7,000