About Library

The library is located in a calm quit portion of the main building in a spacious area of 280 m2, having 1200 titles, 11347 volumes related to existing branches of engineering and basic science. More than 42 print National Journals are available for the use of faculty and students. The institute is a member of VTU consortium for E-resources, E-journals and E-books. Additional learning resources include book bank, digital language lab etc.


Staff Details

Mr. Ashok Kulali
M.L.ISc, M.Phil
Mr. Veeresh K

Resources Available at Library

  1. 1. Number of books available(volumes & titles): 11,257+1791
  2. 2. Student Aid Society books: 845 Journals: 24
  3. 3. E-resources: ELSEVIER, SPRINGER, K-NIMBUS, Taylor- Francis, ICE, Emerald, Net Analytics, McGraw Hill Education, Packt, New Age International, Turnitin.